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To mobilise resources in order to provide curative, preventive, research and support services
to cancer patients and their families, high-risk groups and the general public, in Malaysia and the region.

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Cervical cancer was the third most common cancer among women in 2007 to 2011, constituting 7.7% of all female cancers. Keep your guard up against cervical cancer by doing a Pap Smear Test (collecting cells from the cervix so they can be looked under a microscope) or HPV test (taking cell samples collected from the Pap test).

Simple ways to prevent cervical cancer:
• Use condoms during sexual intercourse
• Don’t smoke
• Get HPV vaccination

For more info, visit www.cancer.org/cancer/cervical-cancer/prevention-and-early-detection/can-cervical-cancer-be-preve...

MAKNA . Majlis Kanser Nasional . National Cancer Council
#CervicalCancer was the second most common #cancer among women in Peninsular Malaysia between 2003 to 2005. It constituted 10.6% of all female cancers.

The cervix is a very strong muscle that connects a woman's womb and her vagina. It forms a small opening which lets through menstrual blood and sperm.

Cervical cancer usually starts in cells on the surface of the cervix. It happens when cells begin to grow and divide uncontrollably. These cells gradually spread into the tissue of the cervix. From there they may move to other parts of the body such as the vagina, womb or bowel. Cervical cancer can take years to develop. But before it develops, early changes take place in the cells on the surface of the cervix. At this point, the abnormal cells can easily be detected using #PapSmearTest #CervicalScreening.

Early cervical cancer often has no symptoms. But, visit your doctor if you notice the following signs:
• Bleeding between periods
• Bleeding during or after sex
• Bleeding after you have been through menopause
• Any unpleasant vaginal discharge
• Discomfort or pain during sex

These symptoms do not necessarily mean you have cervical cancer. However, it is advisable to check with a doctor.
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September is Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month, a timely reminder for we women to get ourselves educated about this alarming cancer. Here’s everything you need to know about cervical cancer: www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/cervical-cancer/symptoms-causes/syc-20352501.

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Ahmad Nazri Hamzah is a 23 year old athlete who represents Malaysia in Wheelchair Basketball. He was diagnosed with bone cancer when he was only 14 years old. MAKNA pitched in to assist him financially when his case was highlighted to MAKNA. His current dream is to spread the hope to other patients out there that life has no limits, with or without cancer.

NazriBone cancerRead More
Low Yong Xuan

Low Yong Xuan or “Baby,” as she is affectionately known, is a bubbly and active 3 year old girl. When she was just 6 months old, Baby was diagnosed with Bilateral Wilm’s Tumour, a cancer found in the kidney that spreads to the lungs. Fortunately, with help from MAKNA, Baby’s life has changed after receiving her treatment. Things have definitely looked better for Baby.

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Nining Yumiarti, 42 years old, known for her vibrant personality, chose to ignore the early signs of cancer in her left breast in 2002. Further check-ups at the hospital only served to confirm this.  She then opted for a mastectomy instead of chemotherapy, as she feared the latter treatment would affect her physically and psychologically, putting an effective stop to her favourite hobby, dancing. Nining later became a MAKNA volunteer and in 2012, she was recognised with MAKNA’s Excellence Volunteer Award.

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Naizatul Syuhada Binti Hassan, is a 19 year old former retinoblastoma eye cancer patient.  In 1997, Naizatul lost sight in her right eye to cancer. Because of her tireless effort, enthusiasm and with financial assistance from MAKNA, Naizatul secured a qualification that’s given her life a new meaning and dimension.

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